Apollo GT - The American Ferrari

“If a Buick Special ever got a fierce ambition to become a Ferrari – and tried hard enough – it would be likely to end up just about like this.”

Such prophetic words from Car and Driver magazine back in 1963 underscore the goal of three California twenty somethings who sought to build a world-class grand touring sports car. And, for a while, found themselves on equal ground with Europe’s best.

Their concept: A marriage of Italian style and the mechanical excellence of a premier American manufacturer – Buick – to create a true gran turismo sports car with head-turning looks, outstanding performance and comfort, and something that up to then was not common among European exotics: Reliability!

Their challenges were legion: A complex product combining hand-crafted bodies with mass-produced engines and transmissions on an assembly line spanning two continents and an ocean. A limited capability for product development and testing. And the need to create a marketing program to promote the car to an enthusiast public as well as develop a distribution channel to get the car into their hands.

All this with limited operating capital.

The result? The Apollo was highly praised by both road testers and owners alike. “Workmanship is of the highest quality…comparable to cars costing twice that of the Apollo” crowed one magazine report. “…the Apollo handles as well or better than a 2+2 Ferrari, an Aston Martin DB4 or a Sting Ray Corvette,” exclaimed another. High praise indeed from the critical press!

And the owners? “I dearly love my Apollo!” enthused singer Pat Boone. And this from another owner: “It’s a wonderful work of art. You can see the quality. You can feel the excitement they felt when they were hammering it out, putting it together and driving it for the first time. It is a milestone, a one-of-a-kind car and no one can really compare anything to it. It stands on its own.”

This is the story of the Apollo GT. The American Ferrari.

Details: 8” x 11”, 138 pages. 87 color and black and with photos and illustrations.

What others say…

“It is a most impressive piece of work! Not only is the book a beautiful edition but the writing is excellent. Your Intermeccanica piece is well done; of course, I read that first! Also, the technical details are really well covered,”
Paula Reisner, Intermeccanica, the coachbuilder

“A Masterpiece! It covers our history in a complete and authoritative way. You are the first journalist to understand our business challenges!”
Milt Brown, the builder

“I am loving reliving these memories though your book!”
Ron Plescia, the stylist

“Your book is fantastic! You are outstanding at researching history and your book is filled with historical data. Tons of work and effort. I read and re-read your book every day. I love it. Text, format, photos: quality, quality, quality!”
Tom Barbour, Apollo owner

“…it packs a lot into 138 pages…a must if you’re intrigued by these transatlantic beauties.”
Classic and Sports Car, June 2022

“Author Northrup has produced a book of quality suited to the car…a suitable tribute to the “American Ferrari.” 
Sports Car Market, July 2022

“Thanks for writing a great book!”
Jay Leno, entertainer, enthusiast

“An absolutely wonderful book: It’s a work of art! I consider the purchase price a bargain.”
Dave T., enthusiast

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